Did Tony kill the horse? (2023)

Did Tony kill the horse?

Cause is deemed accidental by fire marshal. Ralph Cifaretto: beaten and strangled to death by Tony Soprano due to suspicion that he caused the fire that killed Pie-O-My, which Ralph denies, but also due to his murder of Tracee, the 20-year stripper Ralph kills in "University".

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Did Ralph kill Tony's horse?

In The Sopranos episode "Whoever Did This" (S4E9), Tony accused Ralph of burning down the horse stables for the insurance money. Ralph denies doing it.

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Who did Tony kill over the horse?

In the final episode of the Talking Sopranos podcast, series creator David Chase opened up about the real reason Tony killed Ralphie in "Whoever Did This." Chase confirmed that Tony was suspicious of Ralphie for having burned the horse stables down and resulting in the death of his favorite horse Pie-o-My, but that the ...

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How did Tony get Ralphs horse?

She receives a stock tip; when he comes up with the money, it is too late. Ralphie's racehorse, "Pie-O-My," wins and he happily shares the winnings with Tony.

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Who ordered the final hit on Tony Soprano?

Eugene killed himself, after all. You'd expect the family to be long gone, living their lives in Florida, trying to forget Jersey. As for Patsy Parisi (Dan Grimaldi) ordering the hit, that theory does have some validity. Patsy himself almost took out Tony in the season 3 premiere, so you know his resentment ran deep.

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What happened to Tony's horse?

Fans of The Sopranos may remember that Pie-O-My was a profitable racehorse, who shockingly died in a barn fire during season 4 of the acclaimed HBO series. Though it was deemed accidental, Tony Soprano — played by the late James Gandolfini — believed the horse's owner set the fire to get a $200,000 insurance payout.

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Did Ralph actually kill Pie Oh My?

The fight culminates with Tony shouting at Ralph as he strangles him and bashes his head against the kitchen floor until he finally dies. "She was a beautiful, innocent creature!" was yelled by Tony as he was bashing Ralph's head, although the killing of the Bada Bing stripper Tracee may also be a factor in this.

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Why does Tony kill Ralph?

Why Tony Really Killed Ralph Cifaretto - YouTube

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Who burned the stable?

⚡️Russian military burn down stable in Hostomel near Kyiv, with horses inside. The stable was put on fire on March 13, its owner told Censor Net news website. Almost all of the 32 horses inside have been killed in the fire. Saw a gruesome photo of part of this.

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Why did Tony's cousin kill?

Cousin Tony heads off to avenge the death of his good friend, while a dream reveals to Tony what he must do to prevent a full-scale war. After Tony Blundetto's good friend Angelo Garepe is killed by Phil Leotardo in retaliation for the killing of Joe Peeps, Tony B. sets off to get his revenge.

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Why does Tony kill Christopher in The Sopranos?

After the accident, Tony sees a crushed baby seat and seemingly thinks about his own children, forcing Tony to take control, because he can, and essentially choose one family over another by killing Christopher (who, tellingly, isn't his direct blood relative).

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Does Tony kill Ralphie?

Ralph Cifaretto was a creep, but some fans of The Sopranos are sorry he's gone. The character, played by Joe Pantoliano, was killed by Tony Soprano in Sunday's episode, marking the first major violence on the show this season.

Did Tony kill the horse? (2023)
Why did Janice kick out Ralphie?

With the help of her feminist therapist, Janice soon reaches the conclusion that her affair with Ralph is a mistake, and after Ralph happily tells her that he is no longer seeing Rosalie Aprile and plans to move in with her; Janice responds by flying into a rage, pushing him down a flight of stairs and screaming at him ...

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